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AXXIS [photo]

AXXIS GII Detonator

Leakage Tester [photo]

The AXXIS GII detonator is a standard size detonator that will function in all standard sized boosters also used in non-electric blasting.

AXXIS GII detonators use 2-core double insulated downline cables. Higher resistance to electrostatic discharge and high induced ground currents make the GII detonator safer to use in all mining conditions.



Case of detonator:
Magnesium aluminium alloy / copper alloy
Detonator size:
Fits any standard booster
Cable type:
Twin core copper cable, double insulated
Spool description:
Cable spooled in shrink-wrapped spools with detonator feed from centre of spool for safety
Standard lengths:
10m - 20m - 30m - 40m - 50m - 60m - 70m (other lengths available on request)
Yellow pin-hinged two-way connector with intelligent electronic data capability
Firing time range:
0 to 10 000ms / 0 to 15 000ms
0 to 5000 ms < 1ms scatter
Operating temperature:
-20 to +60 °C
Storage temperature:
-30 to +50 °C
Shelf life:
At recommended storage temperature - 48 months
Safety function:

AXXIS GII detonators do not include any permanent energy source and there is no direct communication with the detonator during logging. AXXIS GII detonators will only function with AXXIS Blasting Boxes. Special security PIN codes are required to operate the system. A deadman’s switch disarms all detonators if the blast needs to be aborted at short notice.