AXXIS [photo]


AXXIS is a fully programmable, accurate, easy and safe to use electronic blasting system.

The AXXIS system was designed and developed in-house at BME, one of the largest explosives companies in Africa. BME has been operating on the continent for over 30 years and is listed on the Johannesburg stock exchange through its holding company, Omnia Holdings Limited. BME currently supplies explosives to over 23 countries on 4 continents.

Our supply chain capacity consists of an extensive logistical network ensuring our customers security and consistency of supply.

Benefits of the system:

  • Accurate safety
  • Flexibility in timing designs
  • Vibration and airblast control
  • Finer more consistent fragmentation
  • Better control of muckpile shape
  • High wall damage control
  • Stock controls

How will the AXXIS™ system provide value?

  • Faster loading
  • Lower costs
  • Higher productivity
  • Faster ore exposure
  • More space to mine
  • Faster crusher throughput
  • Higher productivity
  • More processed value
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Larger multiple blocks reducing mine downtime for blasting
  • Same results are possible with slightly expanded pattern thus neutralising the higher detonator costs

System Features:

  • State of the art blast and design software allowing for complex timing designs for vibration control, improved fragmentation, heave and better final walls.
  • AXXIS™ is one of the safest initiation systems available. For safety, AXXIS™ offers a full two-way communication between the blasting box and detonators. During detonator logging, there is no direct communication with the detonators.
  • The high-strength downlines, quality connectors and strength of the detonator shells ensure fewer blast delays caused by leakage and fewer lost holes resulting from cable damage.
  • Using the AXXIS™ system, you can program AXXIS™ detonators to fire accurately at any time between 0 and 10000 ms. You can fire up to 500 detonators from one AXXIS™ Blasting Box.