• Safe
  • Easy To Use
  • Reliable
  • Accurate

AXXIS™ is a fully programmable, accurate and easy-to-use electronic delay mining detonator system. It is one of the safest initiation systems available. For safety, AXXIS™ offers a full two-way communication between the blasting box and detonators. During detonator logging, there is no direct communication with the detonators.

Using the AXXIS™ System, you can program AXXIS™ detonators to fire at one millisecond intervals. You can fire up to 600 detonators from one AXXIS™ blasting box. Link multiple boxes to fire up to 500 detonators per box.

BME, arguably the largest surface explosives company in Africa, brings the latest and most advanced electronic detonator technology , known as AXXIS™, as well as the associated technical support. Combining years of experience in blasting technology, booster technology and explosives, BME provides a unique level of expertise to ensure top blasting results.
Simply put, AXXIS™ offers:

  • Improved vibration and air blast control
  • Finer, more consistent fragmentation
  • Better grade control
  • Flexible timing designs
  • Simplified stock control
  • Safer operation
  • Mitigate unknown pre-blast issues common to Shocktubes

A better blast translates to:

  • Higher load rates
  • Higher mill throughput
  • Increased primary crusher throughput
  • Reduced Mill energy consumption
  • Less grade loss from dilution
  • Lower coal losses